“I’ve had a wonderful time with Guardian Property Management. I’ve rented from them for seven months and had the most prompt and cheerful maintenance I have yet experienced in the Cities. Our toilet broke and was fixed in hours. The clothes dryer was getting shifty and was replaced within 48 hours. Grass was mowed and trees were trimmed without issue, snow was removed before I knew it fell. We have a beautiful, well-maintained space at a great price. Assuming they take this kind of care with all their renters, I happily recommend this company to everyone.”

“Guardian Property Management has managed my 4 units in St. Paul. They’ve been great at keeping my expenses low and vacancies to a minimum. They also manage single-family homes, which I found not many companies do. I’d strongly recommend this company to any other property owners.”

“Guardian Property Management has done a great job managing my properties for me. I’ve got single-family homes and multi-unit apartments in Minneapolis and St. Paul. They were one of the few companies I found that was actually willing to manage a single-family home for me. They filled the vacancies quickly while still finding qualified residents. I was happy with how smoothly the leasing process went. Their maintenance team is very reliable and knowledgeable as well. They put my properties on a preventative maintenance program, which has saved me a lot of money in the long-run and kept my tenants happy. I would strongly recommend this management company to anyone who owns rental properties. I have worked with some bad companies in the past, and it was refreshing to work with a company that really understands the real estate business.”

“Great rental company! Rented with Guardian for almost 4 straight years and I couldn’t ask for a better landlord. Whether it is promptly fixing any problems at our townhome, or making sure that our lawn is mowed and driveway shoveled, they are hands down the best rental company in a college town filled with slumlords!”

“My husband and I needed to find a place to live quickly, and we were moving from out of the state. Guardian Property Management worked with us and found the perfect townhouse! I couldn’t have asked for a smoother process, nicer people, or more professional company. When we needed our furnace fixed, it was done in a few hours. WONDERFUL! Everyone (from our property manager, Mr. Sommers, to the office staff, to the repair staff) was helpful and knowledgeable. I always received a quick response to questions. To top it all off, the property was more than we had expected and was a great deal!”

“Guardian Property Management has always been quick to respond to any concerns/issues we’ve had in the last few years that we have rented with them. Terminating our lease when my husband and I purchased a house has been a lot less stressful than my friends warned me it could be. They have always been respectful of our privacy by warning us well in advance when they would be entering our house for maintenance or to show it to prospective tenants. Guardian has also always been very receptive to our suggestions for improving the property.”

“Guardian Property Management has been wonderful ever since we started renting our townhome in Minneapolis. Whenever we have a problem Joe or Tim always does respond in a quick manner and helps us as they can. It has been great renting from them!!”

“Guardian has been great to work with. We have lived in our place for almost 4 months now. They are very easy going and never drop in unexpectedly which we have had issues with before. We have yet to need a repair but they have a separate phone line for repairs which is nice to know you can call whenever. They have been very helpful with any questions we have had and the rental process has gone smoothly.”

“Guardian Property Management has managed properties I own for over 4 years. They have done an outstanding job of taking care of the units, finding good quality renters and keeping me updated on anything that has come up. I live 100 miles from the locations that they manage and having a group like this that I can trust has been very important for myself and my family as we don’t have the time. I don’t worry about anything with Guardian taking care of my properties, I don’t have to!”

“Guardian Property Management- renting a townhouse through Guardian has been a blessing in that they are always at the top of their game with repairs, notifications, and any overall situation. Tasks are completed in a very timely fashion, and a question is responded to promptly! Overall, it is a very stress free living experience and we appreciate the dedication that Guardian Property Management has for their tenants!”

“I have rented through Guardian for about a year now and am happy with my overall experience. Their staff is courteous, easy going, and not overbearing by any means. I have not needed any repairs since I have lived in my apartment, yet they check in via email every now and then to see if anything needs to be attended to.”

“Guardian Property Management has been wonderful ever since we started renting our townhome in Minneapolis. Whenever we have a problem Joe or Tim always respond in a quick manner and help us as they can. It has been great renting from them!!”

“Guardian Property Management is a very professional property manager. The staff is friendly and personable, and they are quick with repairs. I really appreciate their 24/7 emergency repair line. The lady I talked to was very helpful and nice. We have a very beautiful apartment, but it is reassuring to know if something does go wrong, GPM will be here quickly to fix whatever we need.”

“We’ve lived in our apartment since September 2011 and have enjoyed working with Guardian Property Management. They show up right after it snows to salt the sidewalk, respond quickly to phone calls about repairs and are all in all pleasant to deal with.”

“Guardian Property Management has been the best property manager I have had. They are very quick to make any repairs! In the summer of 2011 my air conditioning filter broke on a Friday night. I called that night and it was repaired the next SATURDAY morning and I didn’t have to wait till Monday!”