For tri-plex owners, day-to-day rental management can feel like a full-time job. Why not put your investment properties in the hands of a property management company you can trust? With the help of Guardian Property Management, Twin Cities landlords can rest easy knowing that their tri-plexes, duplexes, 4-plexes, single-family homes and other rental properties are in good hands.

GPM offers a full range of rental property management and property maintenance services. Because of our size, expert staff and efficient systems, Guardian is uniquely suited to assist tri-plex owners with every aspect of rental management, from leasing and financing, to tenant relations, to scheduling and performing repairs. Below, you’ll find a sampling of the many tools and services Guardian can provide.

Property Maintenance Services for Minneapolis – St. Paul Area Tri-plex Houses

● Preventative, turnover and seasonal property maintenance
● 24-hour emergency services
● Complete project supervision
● Repairs for resident living spaces and common areas
● Complete 24-hour turns for zero vacancy
● Capital improvements
● Management of contractor/vendor relations and labor
● Billing and client administration
● Snow removal and lawn care services
● Vacant building caretaking

Resident Screening and Leasing for Tri-plexes

● In-house leasing agents skilled at providing market rental comps for tri-plexes
● In-depth market knowledge of your tri-plex’s neighborhood
● Proven screening process to obtain residents who are the best fit for your tri-plex
● Weekly updates when leasing your tri-plexes
● Property marketing starting 60+ days before lease termination
● Regular rent increases upon lease renewals

MN Tri-plex Lease Renewals, Move-ins and Move-outs

● Welcoming phone call and follow-up with incoming tenants
● No charge for lease renewals
● Move-out processing
● Tri-plex walk-throughs
● Security deposits
● Detailed maintenance lists and photo documentation

Property Management for Tri-plexes

● Experience working with homeowner associations
● Documented system for communicating with residents
● Lease enforcement
● Documentation of lease violations
● Proven strategies for managing residents

Rent Collection for Tri-plex Owners

● Dedicated collection agent in-house
● Digital and credit card rent payments
● Proven accounting and record-keeping systems

For Tenants Seeking Tri-plexes in the Twin Cities

Looking for a tri-plex in MN’s greater Twin Cities metropolitan area? Choose an tri-plex managed and maintained by Guardian, and live in comfort knowing our responsive, reliable staff is available to assist with anything you may need. Visit our Rentals page to see the tri-plexes our clients currently have on offer.